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So now you're thinking, "how do I get my guitar Plek'd?" Easy!

Select a custom service, click and ship..

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express using PayPal.

Personal checks: please allow an additional 10-14 days for processing and complete packing information: (click here)

We are pleased to accept Plek work in person by appointment - please give us a call at:


We'll call you for an interview, Plek your guitar, and ship it back to you in the packaging you sent the guitar in.

(Price increase effective 11/05/2018 due to increase in UPS Costs)

Complete Plek Service for Electric, Acoustic, and Classical Guitars: including fret dressing and nut cutting, truss rod adjustment, fret polish, intonation and action set, and return shipping*…$240

Additional items/charges:

New nut.. $10 Bone or Tusk

Nut Type

Guitars with stainless steel frets-polish: additional.. $15

Complete Plek Service for Bass Guitar: Complete Plek service including fret dressing and nut cutting, truss rod adjustment,fret polish, intonation and action set, and return shipping*…$250

Install and computer cut new nut ONLY, your choice bone or Tusk, return shipping*…$100

Bone or Tusk

 Partial refrets at time of Plek service

 $20ea for first three

 $10ea after three

Complete refret with complete Plek service, return shipping*…$440

Complete refret with complete Plek service for BASS Guitars, return shipping*…$450

 Additional items/charges:

Bound fretboards with frett ends over binding..$25

Bound fretboards with frett ends flush with binding... $50

*Price is for shipping to lower 48 states only.

Outside the United States, please call us 740-777-5050 for additional shipping charges.

State of Ohio Residents 7% Sales Tax applies

If shipping the instrument, HERE ARE THE RULES:

Please pack your baby CAREFULLY!

In a case, and double boxed works best. Be sure to remove ALL items from the case (no straps, cords, tuners, etc.) except for a new set of strings (wrapped in loose paper in the accessory compartment works well). No loose tremolo arms, please!!!

Please do not use bubble pack or foam packing against a nitro-cellulose lacquer finish!

These materials could damage the finish of your pretty baby. We are not responsible for incorrect or poor packaging. We want your instrument to return home in the same condition you sent it in.

In cold weather climates, leave your guitar packed and allow coming to room temperature at least 12 hours before opening. This allows the finish to acclimate to the temperature without causing stress cracks in the finish. This is very important!

We prefer UPS.

We've shipped allot of guitars and found that UPS has the best record for careful and timely delivery. Use them if possible. Also, in the event of a VERY rare claim for damage, UPS is the easiest to deal with.


We are not responsible for undervalued instruments. We will insure return shipping for fair market value of the instrument.

While we can't guarantee that you'll be a guitar god or the next American Idol, we do guarantee our work. We take pride in our work to insure everything is done to your satisfaction. Should you have a problem or issue, please contact us so we can make it right. Your satisfaction is our reputation.

Contact Us:
Weber Custom Guitars, LLC
4808 Deeds Rd
Granville, OH 43023


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