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Got a chance to really put some consistent playing time on my bass in a variety of scenarios...Holy $#%+ does this thing play awesome!!! Setup was perfect right outta the case. Significant improvement in ease of playing complex chord shapes and fast runs for extended sessions...Being able to have the action dialed in this low and smooth has opened up different areas of playing that were less attainable beforehand...The sustain and clarity of the notes,whether open or fretted, has definitely been stepped up quite a few notches as well. This thing has piano like tone all over the neck. Overall I couldn’t be happier with the quality of work and the speed in which I had my bass safely back in my hands. You did an Excellent job!!! My next build will be coming to you for a full Plek treatment for sure! Thanks again for the killer work!!!

Dan W. – Erie, PA 

Steve Weber and Joe Glaser
I was trained on the Plek Station by master luthier Joe Glaser of Glaser Instruments, Nashville, TN. Joe has years of guitar building and servicing experience (he is the inventor of the b-bender Tele, and the Nashville Telecaster) and is considered one of the very best in the business. Joe shared tricks and techniques to get the best results from the Plek Station. It was an honor for me to work with Joe.


 Hi Steve, Just wanted to let you know that the work you did was fantastic. The nut looks great and the guitar plays well all the way up the neck. Notes ring true and sustain great. Thanks again for "helping" me with the cost of the repair. I will definitely turn to you before jacking something up in the future :)

Thanks again, Ben (Chattanooga, TN)

 Hello Steve, yes the guitar arrived safe and I love it. It turned out really well and I'm glad I spent the money. It feels great and sounds awesome to. As I need any guitars done, I'll be sending them to you for sure. Excellent work! I'll spread the word also.
Thank You,
Tim (Hubertus, WI)

Thanks for your note - I've enjoyed playing my basses since adjustment and Plek! I'm a believer in the process and will definitely pass along your info to the other guys in the band.Thanks,"
JZ - North Canton, OH

Picked up my Strat today and you did a great job on her. Even though you couldn't use the Plek I am still pleased with your craftsmanship... Again thank you for what you accomplished and if I ever do get another neck you'll be the only one to touch it. Sincerely,
Dave A., New Albany, OH



A Tele update: The more I play this thing the better I like it. No “buzz” anywhere. The notes are clear and perfect up and down the fret board. I can put a capo on it at any fret and not have to re-tune. That single coil hum I talked about earlier is gone. I changed to a new cord after I added a reverb box to my set-up and it disappeared. Thanks for the great work." C. W. Pataskala, OH

Hey Steve, I absolutely love this instrument. Last night, I really let loose with her for a while and she is just so comfortable and sounds great. Thank you for making her a reality I'm curious - how many other customers refer to your creations as "she"? Cheers,Josh (Custom built LaCabronita, Columbus, OH) 

Steve, The tele arrived in good shape this afternoon. Thanks so much for the good work, and prompt turn-around. It really plays great!!! Turned an old thumper into something really good. Thanks again, Ed (Thayer, MO) 

Hi Steve,Yes, very happy with the end result. Gives me confidence that any errors are due to my own efforts not my tools!!!! Have a great week, best of luck to you with your small biz, I’ll keep your contact for my next guitar and anyone that could use a custom setup…Many Thanks! Rob (Dublin, OH) 





  While we can't guarantee that you'll be a guitar god or the next American Idol, we do guarantee our work. We take pride in our work to insure everything is done to your satisfaction. Should you have a problem or issue, please contact us so we can make it right. Your satisfaction is our reputation.

Contact Us:
Weber Custom Guitars, LLC
4808 Deeds Rd
Granville, OH 43023



My guitar ( green Clapton Strat ) arrived safe & plays great. Thanks for bringing the original vintage neck back to life. First class, professional job. Feel free to use this pos. feedback wherever it can be posted. Thanks, Craig H. - Berlin, MD 


 Hi, Steve!

I wanted to drop a line and say thank you for taking care of my Gibson 335. I received it as planned with no issues. The guitar looks, plays, and feels fabulous. The action was perfect! No tweaking needed. It feels so good playing now with the new frets. The tuners and headstock look wonderful! I can tell you buffed out the guitar and headstock! The Bigsby is tip top!

It feels like a new guitar! The neck has that Gibson feel again.

By the way, I liked your red custom Tele so much I had to buy one for myself. Bought a Korean made one just like yours on Ebay this week; it's coming in the mail tomorrow!

Take care and give Nancy a thanks from me and Frank for the cookies and hospitality.

James "Po Boy" M. – Detroit, MI

Thank you so much. I was impressed with the Martin but the Dean is 100% better. I can hit notes I couldn't hit before. Especially with the distortion, now I can get the "squeal" when the pic and thumb hit the string at the same time! Like I told my friend, I remember when I was a kid and I worked my baseball glove with saddle soap, left it overnight with a ball inside wrapped in rubber bands, and eventually it was like the glove was made to perfectly fit my hand. That is what your Plek procedure has done. It is like the guitar was made just for me.
Thank you!
Jim (Heath, Ohio)

Steve,Was out of town yesterday and just had the opportunity to check out the guitar you Plek'd for me. In a word, AMAZING! Plays like butter now, and no buzzing anywhere to be found. Love it. Thanks so much. Also, I may be sending you another one soon. Any issues with Plek'ing a guitar with a Floyd Rose? Since you don't cut a nut for those, is it less expensive? Thanks!Jeff (Chagrin Falls, OH) 

 "I am very pleased with the setup and fret work. I think that having this done may have saved me some future problems. I never noticed that a dip was developing. If I would have waited until it was noticeable then those frets would have possibly been in need of replacement. I am also pleased with the quality of work that you have done. It is the best fret dress and polish I've ever seen. I could not find one scratch, burr, or sharp edge. Flawless!
My guitar arrived home in great condition. Thank you for taking great care of my instrument." - Moot, Lake Charles, LA

 "Steve, I got the guitar today. You did a nice job and it plays great.
The fretwork is top notch and I didn't notice a change to the neck profile at all, it feels great. I played it damn near straight for 6 hours, dialing in pickup height and doing minor tweaks here and there.
The guitar is both easy to play and easy to make sound good, even in the higher frets it's effortless.I've played for years and had a ton of setups, and I'm extremely picky. I have no complaints." - Ryan, Beaverton, OR

"My youngest brother (the one who suggested I do the Plek thing in the first place) is very impressed with your work. When he visits, he is always playing my “revived” Alvarez. It is such a pleasure to play that guitar now; in fact, I find myself playing a lot more than I used to. He said he may send his acoustic to you. I, of course, encouraged that idea whole-heartedly." - Linda, Canton, OH 

 "I've done some tweaking to get the guitar exactly were I want it, and all I really have to say is wow. I absolutely couldn't be happier with the guitar. It's easily the best playing guitar I've ever played.
I'm still very impressed with the machine. It was very cool." - Zak, Newark, OH

 "My SG plays insane! I didn't think there was any hope for the buzzing problem, but now it plays great." - Brandon, Newark, OH

"I have done setups and fretwork on my own guitars and for friends as well for years but always thought there was something missing. Steve worked his magic on two of my Ibanez Prestige's and I can't believe the difference. Amazing playability and the workmanship is outstanding, silky feel, no buzz, and the frets were polished to an almost blinding luster! Thanks Steve!" Jim- Stewart, MN 

 Hi Steve… I finally got to play the PRS for 4 out of 6 sets this past weekend. The guitar actually exceeded my expectations regarding tuning stability and overall playability. That guitar had fallen out of favor with me and I was honestly afraid to put the money in it. But I am extremely happy with the guitar. Comes back in tune as well as can be expected. She’s back in the starting rotation. Jeff - Westerville, OH

 I haven't done much with the Conklin but did play it a bit and checked EVERY note on it. It is superb! I love it and the fret job on it. So what has been concerning me is what to "Plek" next! :-) Frank - Columbus, OH

Awesome Plek and setup, plays beautifully, Steve is a craftsman! Recommend A+++ ebay buyer feedback 

Awesome Plek job! plays like butter, frets are smooth as glass, A+++ technician ebay buyer feedback 

 After almost 30 years of on again/off again playing, I really like evaluating a guitar's musicality. After it was plekked, the playability, responsiveness and musicality of this instrument has greatly increased. I let a friend play it - he plays a Martin guitar and really wasn't interested in playing anything else. Till now. He agrees that this is now a great instrument!

I can't say enough about how well you and your plek machine set-up this instrument. I'm telling everyone I know to "go get plek'd"! Marty - Thornville, OH 

I'll have to admit I was a bit skeptical about the "Plek" thing in the beginning but I sure am a believer now. Thanks again for the quick service and great fret job. I have another that I'd like you to do down the road a bit."
J. B. Plymouth, IN


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