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Weber Custom Guitars, LLC.

Weber Custom Guitars, LLC builds guitars using only the finest woods and materials available. Quilted and flamed maple tops, ash, mahogany, basswood, alder bodies. We use rock maple, birds-eye maple, and other exotic woods for necks. All necks have adjustable truss rods.

We use only the best names in pickups and electronics; Seymour Duncan, Lindy Fralin, Lollar, Giovanni, DiMarzio, CTS and others. We include coil tapping, series/parallel, and treble-bleed circuits to maintain tone at any volume on most of our guitars. We also use only the best tuners and hardware, Grover, Wilkinson, Planet Waves, and Warmoth.

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Custom Built Guitars by Weber Custom Guitar

In additon to our Custom Guitars, we are please to offer Plek.

Plek is a registered trademark of A+D Gitarrentechnologie GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Having been a luthier for many years, I've tried all the different ways of fret dressing and setup. From precision straight edges and radiused sanding blocks (the most common method), to neck jigs that "simulate" the neck under full tension. These methods can give very good results for the experienced luthier. But these methods aren't nearly as accurate and repeatable as the Plek.

Plek is a computerized, three axis, CNC (computer numeric controlled) machine designed and programmed for precision guitar measurement, fret dressing, nut cutting, and saddle cutting for acoustics, electrics, classicals, and basses.

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